Our manufacturing plant covers air conditioned, clean dust free area of 7500 sq.ft. equipped with state-of-the-art test equipments and trouble shooting tools for field support, repair and maintenance of equipments. We have rich expertise in product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, project engineering, project management, customer support, etc.

We have a dedicated team of technicians and engineers well versed with product engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and customer support.

We believe in Quality Assurance in all areas of manufacturing right from Product Engineering, components selection, System Integration and testing.

We have adapted Flexible manufacturing system so as to organize batch production of customized equipments.


We endeavour to offer our customers, technologically advanced products, tailored to meet the needs of customers at a reasonable cost.

Area of Interest:
Electro Optics, Optronics, Defence Equipments and Communication Equipments.

Product Range:
1. Passive Night Vision Devices including binoculars and weapons sights.
2. Passive Night Vision equipment for armoured vehicles.
3. Laser Range Finders and Laser warning systems.
4. Security Systems.
5. Day Telescopes 4X, 6X and Sniper Scopes with technical assistance from Carl Zeiss Optronics, Germany.
6. Red Dot Reflex Sights under technical assistance from Carl Zeiss Optronics, Germany.
7. Large Calibre Barrel Cleaning Equipment.

Communication Equipments
Optic Electronics is a leading manufacturer of Fixed Line telephones and accessories. We control the entire value chain, from product design, manufacturing and after sales service. Our technology is derived from India's largest telecom company, with a base of 40 million satisfied consumers. Our special emphasis is export to Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean and South America."

Optimal and cost effective solutions for the modernization of the Armoured Vehicles such as T-72, Tt-55, BMP-II, WZT-3, BRDM-2, Shilka etc.


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